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The Sleeping Giant

 A Book About Love

An Inspirational Memoir

Published on Amazon

The Sleeping Giant is Lanes most recent book. Readers can find the book in kindle, paperback, or Audiobook. 


The Memoir explores one woman's quest to understand the meaning of her first religious lesson - God is love.  Lane takes the reader through extraordinary childhood experiences that reflect the difficulties of our current times. The lessons of The Sleeping Giant inform and remind us about love and its divine power. The author invites us to explore the countless connections we create with families, friends, teachers, siblings, and lovers.


One letter. One letter was all it took to shatter twenty years of what Anna Marie believed was a near perfect relationship. As she unravels the details of her husband’s deception she discovers yet another secret-- her lifelong friend and colleague is in love with her. For over twenty years, he faithfully stood by her choice to marry another man. Now starting over at fifty years young, Anna Marie must deal with the results of her unfaithful husband and her second chance for true love. She must rediscover who she is and most importantly, where to go from here.


Set in the uniquely passionate world of the theatre, the story is peppered with love triangles, humor, suspense and surprises. The charming characters and their relationships to one another will make you laugh, cringe, cry and time and time again connect with the universal need to be loved. You may even find yourself yearning for a batch of Grandma Mary’s hot fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

You have a solid novel here, with fine attention to characterization and detail. You clearly know about putting on a show …   Piers Anthony-- New York Times bestseller

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