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Nancy Anne Lane is currently a theatrical consultant, director, performing artist and acting coach in Tampa Florida. She enjoys writing fiction novels with detailed attention to characterization and relationships. She also enjoys coaching improvisational comedy teams for all ages.


Nancy Anne Lane has plenty of experience as a storyteller.  She is the former theatre director of a large performing arts conservatory in Tampa Florida. As a director, writer and performer, Lane has been involved in performance and theatre education for over twenty years. Lane continues to act as a theatrical consultant and improvisational comedy coach in the Tampa area. She has created several community theater projects with artists as young as four years of age through senior adults working together in curriculum designed to bridge creative learning opportunities with no age limitations. She continues to present various workshops for both performing arts students and educators throughout the state of Florida.


Lane holds a bachelor of general studies from the University of Kansas with a theatre major and a theatre education certification from the University of South Florida. She has been recognized with a lifetime achievement award for her contribution to secondary theatre education from the state of Florida.

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