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June 7, 2021


Welcome to my blog. Here we go! I may not be traditional in my approach to the world of blogs. I am moving in a very organic direction, and I have no idea where this will go. I hope that readers find this refreshing. I am stepping out with no expectations, so I am free to fly or to fail. If you are brave enough to follow along, I will do my best to keep you safe, inspired, and happy along the way. 

The Sleeping Giant - A Book About Love

It was a giant step to write a memoir and share my life adventures, secrets, personal thoughts, history, and current belief system. I use the term current because I recognize how important it is to give myself room to continue to evolve, change and grow. I hope that my readers will extend me the same courtesy!

So the book is published. It is out there. At times I find this to be exciting. If I am honest, it feels like a good conversation with a great big beautiful audience. At the same time, it feels like I stepped into an enormous spotlight without any clothes, and all my flaws and insecurities lie glittered with targets just waiting to be pierced by the arrows of judgment.  Some may ask why? Why would anyone do that? Why would you share your thoughts, secrets, and stories with perfect strangers? First, and as I stated in the book, I no longer believe that we are strangers. We are sharing an ordained experience by taking a heroic journey together on this planet at this time. Secondly, I am a storyteller. The Sleeping Giant is the story that came forward at this time in my life, and I felt compelled to tell it. Why? I don't know. "Why" is not part of the equation when you know you must do something. The nudge, the knowing, the push to move on something is all that matters.    

I believe I might cower and feel shy about some of the things I have shared in my book if we should meet somewhere unannounced someday. That is my personality. It is the part of me that still holds fear. In my book, you are meeting my soul, the brave storyteller who is compelled and undeniably set on a path, a mission to complete the work. That part of me is much more courageous than the human you might meet. It is my life's work to merge this strength and energy into my human existence. 

The greatest stories ever told are those that link the wisdom of creativity to the hearts of humanity. The storytellers are part of that connectivity. At least, they feel coerced to tap into the creative source. It is part of who they are and the call they answer. No different than a scientist, surgeon, or architect. We all strive to succeed in our vocations unless we choose to hide from our life's work and contributions. 

They say that most great authors find their voice later in life. I believe that the truth is that most great authors find their courage later in life. Fear is a beast! It is enormous energy. If I had discovered this courage earlier in life, I imagine that I would be a much better author on this day. Whatever you fear, whatever keeps you from your journey toward your gifts, face that fear! No matter your age, take it on. The sooner, the better! The longer you wait, the more you delay the rest of the world's connectivity to divinity. Even if only one person is moved, changed, or inspired by your courage, it is essential to act on your inherent design.

So, here we are.  I have published another book and thrown it into the great big void of Amazon's millions of voices and unimaginable words waiting to be lifted from the countless pages of published authors without a current audience. It is tempting to be frustrated by the lack of immediate sales, reviews, and results. Oh, the ego is silly. I remind myself that my work is not without value, regardless of how it is received. It is my labor of Love, and it is not up to me how it lands.

I can share that it has landed in a few hands, and they have graciously shared their appreciation. One hand is enough. I am honored. I have completed a calling, a nudge, a knowing of something that I must do. That is all.  The rest is a daily journey of discovering what is next. 

Much Love,
Nancy Anne Lane

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